Have you ever grown tired of being plain and boring? Have you ever tried to fit in with all the rest of the population? How about designing your car body to stand out among the plain one? I think that where art comes in for a ride, don’t you think?

Art is not necessarily limited to a flat rectangular canvas but it can be on anything such as cars and humans. I am sure that almost everyone experiences not being able to find their own cars in the parking lots because many other cars look almost exactly the same apart from the license plates, of course. So, some decided to be different, not annoyingly but creatively.

Here are some of the astonishing artwork on car bodies. You can make them or have them done by anyone who are artists if you have the right materials.

tattoocar - Copy

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If you ask me how would I want to do it to my car, I would probably say “Galaxy”!!! Isn’t it spectacular?? I love this cool piece of artwork and will definitely pay anyone to do it for me or do it myself after a lot of practices.


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