Growing up around old cars I always thought my first car would be a Chevy muscle car of some sort. It turns out that I fell in love with Volkswagens instead! When I was 15 a friend of mine got a 1972 Bug and I was drawn to the simplicity of the design. I was also drawn to them because they are easy to work on and have tons of upgrade parts. The car below was my first car, a 1973 standard Beetle. The transmission didn’t stay in 4th gear and it leaked oil pretty bad but I had some great times in it! One day while driving to work I ran into the back of a Ford that slammed on brakes. Luckily no one was hurt although my bug didn’t make it.


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Here’s a shot of the damage. It was too extensive to try to fix, especially when you could get another one for $400.00 back then! I did save the engine and whatever other parts I could. Shortly after the accident I bought my second VW, a 1963 Beetle (which i wish i still owned).


© 2017 Greg Hopkins ALL RIGHTS RESERVED