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Art on the Road

Have you ever grown tired of being plain and boring? Have you ever tried to fit in with all the rest of the population? How about designing your car body to stand out among the plain one? I think that where art comes in for a ride, don’t you think?

Art is not necessarily limited to a flat rectangular canvas but it can be on anything such as cars and humans. I am sure that almost everyone experiences not being able to find their own cars in the parking lots because many other cars look almost exactly the same apart from the license plates, of course. So, some decided to be different, not annoyingly but creatively.

Here are some of the astonishing artwork on car bodies. You can make them or have them done by anyone who are artists if you have the right materials.

tattoocar - Copy

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If you ask me how would I want to do it to my car, I would probably say “Galaxy”!!! Isn’t it spectacular?? I love this cool piece of artwork and will definitely pay anyone to do it for me or do it myself after a lot of practices.


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So, that’s all folks.

Stay tuned for more!!! Bye!!




Volvo. Sweden’s boxy family cars.


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When I was a senior in high school I started singing in a rock band and needed something bigger than a VW Bug to haul around people and equipment. In a move I still kind of regret today, I traded my ’63 Beetle for a 1975 Volvo 240 Wagon. Little did I know that it would start a lifelong obsession with Sweden’s boxy family cars. The car above is my ’83 242 that I drove from 1997-2003. I traded a VW Scirocco for this one as well! I’ve had Hondas, Nissans & Volkswagens but I still come back to Volvo for their reliability, comfort and safety. Speaking of safety…


The video above blew me away! It’s hard to believe that it could still move after everything they put it through. I really doubt a lot of other cars could take that abuse and still be somewhat drive-able. Currently I drive a Volvo V70 Wagon with over 250,ooo miles and still going strong. I don’t know how long my affinity for these boxy cars will last but I know that Volvos will last forever.


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Art of car shows

It’s easy for automobiles to become an obsession. For me I’m drawn to the lines, the shapes, the beauty and art that becomes a vehicle. From the round curves of a Porsche to the boxiness of a Volvo, I try to see the beauty in the engineering. The same or more can be said for custom vehicles. These cars reflect the owner’s visions as well as respect the original design and intent of the machine. There are thousands of custom features that can be added to a car that it all comes down to taste and style. Some of the most stylish and best customized cars in the world are on display every year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to attend in 2016 and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen!


As part of my job I get to travel to Car Shows up and down the east coast. Most of these shows are nothing like SEMA as far as size and quality of cars. The car shows I go to are more like swap meets for parts and cars for the average auto enthusiast. Here’s a little taste of the Car Corral at a car show in Moultrie, Ga.

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My 1st VW Beetle

Growing up around old cars I always thought my first car would be a Chevy muscle car of some sort. It turns out that I fell in love with Volkswagens instead! When I was 15 a friend of mine got a 1972 Bug and I was drawn to the simplicity of the design. I was also drawn to them because they are easy to work on and have tons of upgrade parts. The car below was my first car, a 1973 standard Beetle. The transmission didn’t stay in 4th gear and it leaked oil pretty bad but I had some great times in it! One day while driving to work I ran into the back of a Ford that slammed on brakes. Luckily no one was hurt although my bug didn’t make it.


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Here’s a shot of the damage. It was too extensive to try to fix, especially when you could get another one for $400.00 back then! I did save the engine and whatever other parts I could. Shortly after the accident I bought my second VW, a 1963 Beetle (which i wish i still owned).


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